Sales and Quotations

Create beautiful quotations

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Quick to set up

Quotes can be generated on the fly and modified or re-printed at any time. Any changes are tracked and recorded in the thread to see your negotiation process.

Generate a website link for your customers to view and accept the quotation.

Communicate effectively

Easily communicate with your sales team through the communication thread that is attached to each document. Emails, SMSs and calls are logged and stored indefinitely.

Give your sales person a thumbs up when a sale is made and have full visibility on all changes made to each opportunity.

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Generate quotations

Choose products, descriptions and quantity, and apply discount based on price lists.

Powerful reporting

Generate revenue reports and get insight into which products are the most profitable in your business.

TaskFlow prints beautiful PDF reports

Print clean documents

Generate beautiful PDFs and email them to your clients with one click.

Quotation to sales order

Once the quotation has been accepted, convert the quotation into a sales order.


Create follow-up campaigns



Generate quotations from opportunities



Create tasks from accepted quotations