Helpdesk and Ticketing

Fast and efficient client support

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Manage multiple channels

Round-robin new tickets to available team members and set up specific SLAs and auto-response templates for specific mailboxes.

Report on individual or company-wide mailboxes:

  • Number of tickets completed in and out of SLA

  • Average time to respond to new tickets

  • Average time to close tickets

  • User productivity

  • Average client rating


Focus on improving your business

Prioritise and tag tickets through an easy interface. Users are encouraged to classify tickets before they can be closed, allowing you to identify which key areas in your business can be improved.

Automatically escalate stagnant tickets to channel supervisors and use FAQs to train your support team.

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Change the way you support

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Quick response times = Happy clients

Servicing your clients has never been this easy.

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Seamlessly interact

Our interface is easy to use and navigate. Whether you want to email, sms or call your client, you can do so with one click.

Choose from a list of email and sms templates when responding to your clients and listen to past call recordings to better understand the context.

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Get feedback from your clients

Automated response emails will inform your client that their ticket has been logged. Clients can rate your service with automated closing emails and managers can pull client satisfaction reports.