Campaign Management

Reach large audiences quickly and effectively

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Easy to set up

Create new campaigns in less than 30 seconds. Choose your filters, select your data and start your campaign.

Various configurations can be set:

  • Team access

  • Available outcomes

  • Maximum dial attempts

  • Retry delay

  • Agent wrap-up time

  • Outbound number randomisation

  • Turn auto-dialing on/off

Real-time Dashboards

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Visually appealing graphs that are specifically designed to be on display inside your contact centre for all of your staff to see. This increases visibility and productivity.

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Agent Dashboard

See which agents are online and when they clocked in on any given day. Also see statistics about the number of inbound and outbound calls made.

Real-time listen / whisper / barge functionality allow managers to check in on agents at any time.

Multiple channels

The campaign manager is fully integrated with voice, sms and email. The setup is roughly the same and with each of these campaigns, managers are able to pull powerful reports based on the outcomes.






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